Starting with helping a child to adjust in an environment and have the sense of security .Kindheit believe in learning by hands on experience. Program focuses on developing a child’s skill by concentration and coordination based on“Play and Learn” method. An environment provided to a child here, helps him/her to understand the world using senses. We offer them to explore the world. Introducing a child to a structured day with stimulating activities, group interactions etc. We understand that children at this age begin developing independence and learn through their senses.

Child at this age wants to explore a world of her own. The growing independence and the fun derived from the child’s discoveries make this period of life very exciting for the child. Nursery program curriculum is designed on a theme of “Climbing the Ladder of Knowledge”. Kindheit Kindergarten focuses on creativity and perception. Amid this stage, the kid ought to be given the chances to showcase their potential. We help a child in building more prominent physical and mental qualities. The curriculum at this stage, involves all types of activities thereby helping youngsters in an overall development.