Rahul Sharma

I am highly satisfied with the activities of Kindheit Pre-school. The way they are preparing children for formal schooling is really appreciable.

Tarun Kumar

I am really thankful to the whole staff of Kindheit Kindergarten who gave a huge knowledge to my child. I must say Kindheit Kindergarten is the Best Preschool

Tanika Malik

I am very satisfied with the school and of course the staff. Thank you for all the hard work and support they have made with my daughter over the last few years. Every parent want the best for their kid and this school has proved it right.

Priyo Mukherjee

Everything, truly, has been wonderful with our son here. He is doing very well and learning so much. I especially appreciate how his teachers are encouraging him to grow.They are an extraordinary group and I am very grateful for their knowledge, support and care of our son.

Afreen Khan

I feel very proud to see my son's progress. How he is trying to write and I am very thankful to teachers for their hard work and support. All the staff members are very understanding and caring, they help children according to their abilities and help them in a positive way to improve. I honestly recommend this school to all my friends and family. Thank you once again.

Megha Sehgal

I am very much impressed with the school and teachers. They put all the efforts to bring out the best in kids in studies and dance and colors and what not. I recommend this school to all the parents who want the strong base. Of all I like that they post daily updates on Facebook, so that we know what our kids did. Really impressed.

Sagar Warrier

Great school with a good atmosphere and amazing teachers.

Rina Gangotri

I am very happy with this school and it's teachers.

Neha Shukla

Perfect school, the teachers are very loving and caring.