Parents Talk

Rahul Sharma

I am highly satisfied with the activities of Kindheit Pre-school. The way they are preparing children for formal schooling is really appreciable.

Tarun Kumar

I am really thankful to the whole staff of Kindheit Kindergarten who gave a huge knowledge to my child. I must say Kindheit Kindergarten is the Best Preschool

Tanika Malik

I am very satisfied with the school and of course the staff. Thank you for all the hard work and support they have made with my daughter over the last few years. Every parent want the best for their kid and this school has proved it right.

Priyo Mukherjee

Everything, truly, has been wonderful with our son here. He is doing very well and learning so much. I especially appreciate how his teachers are encouraging him to grow.They are an extraordinary group and I am very grateful for their knowledge, support and care of our son.

Afreen Khan

I feel very proud to see my son's progress. How he is trying to write and I am very thankful to teachers for their hard work and support. All the staff members are very understanding and caring, they help children according to their abilities and help them in a positive way to improve. I honestly recommend this school to all my friends and family. Thank you once again.

Megha Sehgal

I am very much impressed with the school and teachers. They put all the efforts to bring out the best in kids in studies and dance and colors and what not. I recommend this school to all the parents who want the strong base. Of all I like that they post daily updates on Facebook, so that we know what our kids did. Really impressed.

Sagar Warrier

Great school with a good atmosphere and amazing teachers.

Rina Gangotri

I am very happy with this school and it's teachers.

Neha Shukla

Perfect school, teachers are very loving and caring.

Shilpi Bajpai

Last 3 years with the school has been nothing less than extraordinary, the teachers and complete staff have taken care of my son like family. The educational methods used by the school is revolutionary and this is very much visible in my son's growth over the years. It is their efforts, dedication and passion to prepare your child for a better future, that makes the school stand apart from others.

Tashmeet Kaur

It is the best preschool in Vikaspuri. My daughter has completed 1 and half years in this school and she is ready for the formal school. I have seen a tremendous change and improvement in her. Perfect grooming has been done. The best part about Kindheit is that they make kids learn things practically and this make their concepts clear. Thank you all the teachers, keep up the good work.

Geetika Malhotra

I must say Kindheit Kindergarten is one of the best preschool. In a short span of few months I saw my daughter getting confident, attentive and keen to learn new things. I found the staff very conscientious, having a way of imparting good knowledge in a fun manner. I must thank to all the teachers for facilitating good learning to my daughter.

Pawan Jaiswal

It was really great to get associated with your play group. You have taken good care of our child and helped him to learn his first steps. Thank you for everything you have done. All the best.

Sheetal Jindal

Very good staff and caring teachers, we liked the way they teach. They take very good care of our children.

Sanjeev Kumar

So far so great. I was so scared when I was looking for a school for my son. Now after 2 years of experience, i would say this is the best option in our locality. Kindheit Kindergarten, who can build and make future of your child. I will give them 10 stars.

Bhavana Pandey

Wonderful experience, my daughter Alaya's educational growth and her knowledge is beyond expectations, and she has learned a lot. Thank you all the Teachers and Staff for taking care of my daughter like their own child.

Mahesh Kumar

This is one the best school in Vikas Puri, very good staff and teachers. Very much thankful to all the teachers and staff members. Wish you all the very best. Thank you very much for everything. May God bless you all.

Gaurav Marwah

This is the best play school, I have ever seen. Teacher's concepts are so different that we can't even compare with other play schools. They work too hard to make children confident. I like their way of training, taking our children outside to multiple place in order to enhance their intelligence. I would like to share one surprising moment with you when my son told me about Traffic Signal. " Papa, here is Red Light please stop your car."I was so impressed on that. This is a very small thing, which I have shared, lot of thing which can't cover over here but I strongly recommend every parent to your child enroll in Kindheit.

Geetu Kumari

My daughter Tanishka was in this school for 3 years she joined in play group. They use new and innovative way to make the child understand any concepts.My daughter has no stage fear, no shyness, fully confident. Teachers and staffs are so co-operative, they understand the child's likes and dislikes, handle their moods. Not even a single day, she cried and never said I don't wanna go to school.

She loves her school and enjoys dancing, karate, swimming, rhymes sessions. I am thankful to all the teachers for showering your love everyday and a big thanks to Tanishka's 1st class teacher Jiya Bhojwani.

Mehak Arora

I would like to sincerely thank each and every member of the Kindheit Kindergarten for contributing and imparting valuable skills in the time that my child spent here. It is the best school for children's basic growth i.e recognising every colours, shapes, patterns etc. Keep it up. Thank you so much again.

Sushil Kumar

I am very much satisfied with this school.

P Gupta

Best preschool in Delhi. Thank you.

Rakhi Sachdev

This is a token of thanks and appreciation to the mentors of Kindheit Kindergarten, Vikas Puri for bringing out the best in my daughter. She has been developing so well in the past 1.6 years. She always felt so happy to go to School. It was like a second home to her.The curriculum that this school follows is absolutely amazing. I value the combination of nurture and academic focus. All the teachers and staff are so positive and supportive. Teachers are completely committed to provide a warm and nurturing environment for the children. Aaraddhya will miss you all.