Our Ambiance

  • Hygiene Environment
  • World Class Equipment
  • Friendly & Caring Environment
  • Optimum Student-Teacher Ratio
  • Age Appropriate Furniture & Toys

Our Techniques

  • Fun Sessions – Puppet shows
  • Story telling & role plays
  • Learning using five senses
  • Learning through Audio – Visual Aids

Our Curriculum

  • Curriculum based on Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligence wheel
  • Age Appropriate Curriculum
  • Formal school with International Standard
  • A Combination of Play-Way and Montessori Methods.
  • Exhaustively researched by experts
  • Stage Exposure Assessments

Our TeachingMethodology

  • A Combo of Play-Way and Montessori Methods
  • Teaching through audio-visual aids
  • Teaching through stories and puppet shows
  • Teaching using all five senses
  • Role-play

Our Infrastructure

  • Theme Walls
  • Gym Area
  • Pool Area
  • Sand Pit
  • Library
  • Audio Visual Room
  • Stage Area

Teacher Training Program

We conduct TTP to impart knowledge in managing the needs of every child. It including ” Class Room ” and on the job sessions.

Parents InvolvementProgram

Schooling begins with home itself and thus mother is the first teacher to a child. She is the one who introduces a world to her child. Believing in this theory, we also conduct “Parents Involvement Program”, where mothers are invited by the school to introduce a new concept to kids . She shares her knowledge and expertise on the given subject.


An open forum where parents are counseled either individually or in a group on various challenges that they face in day to day life while dealing with little ones. Further, we share best practices and parenting tips for raising a well disciplined child. We also guide parents in selecting the best formal school for their children.