Our Ambiance

★ Friendly and caring environment
★ Optimum student-teacher ratio
★ World class equipment's
★ Hygienic and clean environment
★ Age appropriate furniture and toys

Our Curriculum

★ Curriculum based on Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligence wheel
★ Age appropriate curriculum
★ At par with international standard
★ A Combo of Play-Way and Montessori Methods
★ Exhaustively researched by experts

Our Teaching Methodology

★ A Combo of Play-Way and Montessori Methods
★ Teaching through audio-visual aids
★ Teaching through stories and puppet shows
★ Teaching using all five senses
★ Roll play

Our Infrastructure

★ Theme walls
★ Gym area
★ Pool area
★ Sand pit
★ Library
★ Audio visual room
★ Stage area

Teacher Training Program

We also conduct Teacher Training Programs for our Teachers , to impart knowledge in managing the class efficiently and effectively by understanding the needs of every child. It involves both “Class Room” and “On the Job” sessions where a teacher is trained in giving special attention to each child and then making them learn using Play way or Montessori Methods.

Parents Involvement Program

Schooling begins with home itself and thus mother is the first teacher to a child. She is the one who introduces a world to her child. Believing in this theory, we also conduct “Parents Involvement Program", where mothers are invited by the school to introduce a new concept to kids . She shares her knowledge and expertise on the given subject.


An open forum where parents are counseled either individually or in a group on various challenges that they face in day to day life while dealing with little ones. Further, we share best practices and parenting tips for raising a well disciplined child. We also guide parents in selecting the best formal school for their children .