About us

About Kindheit Kindergarten Preschool

Director’s Desk

Mrs. Pooja Sehgal, Chairperson of Kindheit Kindergarten, is an alumnus of a prestigious academic institution like Delhi University, Himachal University, and Allahabad University. With an experience of 20+ years as an Ex- Formal School teacher, working, molding and seeing the kids struggling to adjust and learn, she conceives the business idea of starting her own school- Kindheit Kindergarten.

Believing in accepting and giving an environment of self-learning to a child and working on an overall development with an aim of giving “Education for Lifetime.” At present, Mrs. Sehgal is serving 1000+ students at 11 branches at different locations, within a span of 8 Years.

A Touch Of History

We, at Kindheit Kindergarten preschool, provide a child-friendly environment that is safe, secure, caring, stimulating for children. We help to promote child’s social, intellectual and physical development through play and structured activities. We are totally equipped to make the transition of a child from home to school as entertaining and enjoyable as possible.

Our Montessori lessons provide strong foundation and education for life to curious minds .Our curriculum is based on Dr.Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligence with first-hand experience.

Our Growth

Kindheit Kindergarten endeavors to operate in an ethos of always trying to do the best for kids and parents. Our services are customized to meet the needs of the school, the parents and the children based on the 3C’s – Care, Concern and Compassion. Kindheit offers Business Association for its Preschool Chain and Childcare services to aspirants, entrepreneurs and existing preschools across India.

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